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Admission/Selection Policy




1. Educational Prerequisites

a)  Graduation from an accredited secondary school (transcript required), or

b)  High school equivalency diploma (G.E.D. scores and diploma number required)

c)  Home school graduates must present a diploma from the Department of Education

d)  Previous health care experience preferred (i.e.; nurse aide or other health-related training).


2. Pre-Entrance Test

All applicants must take the pre-entrance test for enrollment consideration.  This test is given at the Crawford County Career and Technical Center in the Practical Nursing Program.  Applicants will be scheduled for a test date.


3. Health

Good physical and mental health are prerequisites due to the physical and emotional demands of nursing.  A comprehensive physical examination, including required immunizations,  must be completed by a physician or certified nurse practitioner prior to admission into the program.  Any follow-up treatment as recommended by a physician.


Immunizations requirements:  Documentation of the following vaccinations or titers showing immunity:  Rubella, Rubeola, Mumps, Varicella, Tetanus (within 10 yrs), Hepatitis B, 2 step Tuberculine Test, Covid-19, Influenza (recommended)


4. A Criminal Record History and Child Abuse History Clearance are a requirement of the program.


a)  Applicants should be aware that health care facilities must carefully monitor the security clearances of their employees. Persons with convictions of certain crimes are not eligible to work in these health care facilities and are therefore not suitable candidates for enrollment in the CCCTC Practical Nursing program.

b)  An FBI criminal background fingerprint check is required for students.  This clearance is done through the Department of Public Welfare. In addition, students who have lived in PA less than two years or are an out-of-state resident, must complete FBI criminal history background check (fingerprint) through the Department of Aging.

c)  An Ohio civilian record check (BCI) is required for all Ohio residents.

d)  The State Board of Nursing may refuse, suspend, or revoke any license in any case where the Board shall find that the applicant:


- Has been convicted or has pleaded guilty or entered a plea of nolo contendere or has been found guilty by a judge or jury of a felony or a crime of moral turpitude in the courts of this Commonwealth, the United Sates, or any other state, territory or country, or has received probation with verdict, disposition in lieu of trial or an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition in the disposition of felony charges, or has been dishonorably discharged from the military forces of the United States or of any other country;

- Has committed fraud or deceit in securing his or her admission to the practice of practical nursing or to practical nursing school;

Is addicted to alcohol or is addicted to hallucinogenic or narcotic drugs or other drugs which tend to impair judgment or coordination, so long as such dependence shall continue, or if he or she has become mentally incompetent. (Professional Nursing Law & Practical Nurse Law Act 69: Section 5, Section 16).


5.  Non-Resident:  A student, who has not been a resident of Pennsylvania for one full year prior to attending the program, will be assigned out – of – state tuition costs.


6. ADVANCED PLACEMENT: Persons who meet regular requirements for admission and who have had relevant post secondary education, should contact the coordinator of the program to determine if he/she may qualify for advanced placement.





The Practical Nursing Program of the Crawford County Career and Technical Center has adopted the following policy for advanced placement:




1.  The applicant must first meet all regular requirements for admission to the program.


2.  A letter must be submitted to Crawford County Career and Technical Center, Practical Nursing Program requesting Advanced Placement in the Practical Nursing Program.


3.  Applicants wishing to challenge any course(s) must schedule an interview with the coordinator to determine eligibility and to schedule the examinations(s).


4.  Official transcripts and course outlines/syllabus stating hours of instruction and grades received in previous course(s) must be submitted at least three (3) months prior to the applicant’s enrollment in the program.


5.  Nursing course work will be considered valid for a period of one (1) year following completion of said course work.


6.  A letter of endorsement must be received from the director of the previous nursing program.




The individuals able to challenge and/or be eligible for advanced placement in the Crawford County Career and Technical Center Practical Nursing Program are as follows:


Individuals who have previously attended, but have not successfully completed, other schools of nursing, including PN, diploma,A.D., and baccalaureate programs.


Individuals who have previously attended other health-related programs with course content similar to those required by the Crawford County Career and Technical Center Practical Nursing Program.




Selection:  All credentials will be evaluated by the Crawford County Career and Technical Center Practical Nursing Program faculty committee.  The Practical Nursing Program faculty will develop an individualized educational plan for the candidate.


Orientation:  The advanced placement student, on the day of testing, will be oriented to the philosophy of Practical Nursing by the practical nursing faculty of Crawford County Career and Technical Center.  This session will include the School’s statement of beliefs, program objectives, conceptual frameworks, and major concepts intertwined throughout the curriculum.  The various roles of the health care team will be identified (i.e., practical nurse vs. registered nurse) so the potential advanced placement student may more clearly identify his or her future professional responsibilities as a practical nurse.


Fee:  A $100.00 advanced placement fee made payable to “CCCTC-PN” is required to complete the one-day process.  A $50.00 refundable deposit is required if a candidate should choose to borrow the required nursing textbook for review from the School.


Advanced Placement into Trimester I:

See articulation agreement with Health Occupation seniors at CCCTC and PA DOE.


Advanced Placement Into Trimester II

A candidate who has completed a minimum of 500 hours in a school of nursing course comparable to Nursing Skills and Nursing Concepts, may challenge the course by passing the Nursing Skills and Concepts final exam with at least 81.00%.  The applicant will be given a course outline and have access to the school library in preparation for the exam.  The candidate may take the test only one time.  A successful candidate will achieve a Level 1 on the ATI Skills test.  Unsuccessful candidates will be required to enroll in Trimester I course work.


Clinical Competency for Placement Into Trimester II

All candidates will be required to demonstrate and/or appropriately describe clinical competency skills per a performance evaluation to the satisfaction of at least one (1) instructor.  The skills will include procedures from the preceding trimester and will be pass/fail.  Candidates will be provided with a list of competencies prior to the examination.  The candidate must pass every competency he/she is asked to describe and/or perform.


Other Information


Challenge examination credit will NOT be accepted from other educational institutions or nursing programs.


Challenge students who satisfactorily complete all requirements of the Crawford County Career and Technical Center Practical Nursing Program are eligible for graduation and to make application for the NCLEX examination and state license for practical nursing.


Questions pertaining to any of the above policies may be directed to the Coordinator of the Practical Nursing Program.







Revised 5/2021

JOC Approved 5/19/2021