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Attendance - Frequently Asked Questions


How many days do students have to turn in an excuse following an absence?


Students have 3 days after returning to class - Both CCCTC and your high school require an excuse.



What happens if students have unexcused absences?


An unexcused absence is considered "truant" which means a student cannot make up work for that day. A "0" will be given for the day.



Detention - If students have 3 unexcused absences they will receive a detention. For every unexcused absence after 3, another detention will be assigned.



How many days may a student be absent before a Medical Excuse is needed?


A Medical Excuse is required after 10 days of accumulated absences.



What if a student is late to school or needs to leave early?


Students must have permission from a parent, guardian or home school official if they arrive late to school or seek permission to leave early.


Without a note, students will be marked tardy, or will not be permitted an early dismissal. Students must sign in or out of school through the Attendance Office at either the High School or CCCTC.


If a student does not sign out before leaving, they will be considered "truant"



What is expected when students have a Sending School Event (field trip, pep rally, etc.)?


Students will need to fill out a "Permission to Attend Sending School Event" form, which can be found in the Attendance Office or through their instructor, 2 days before the event. They may also bring a signed school permission slip in to the Attendance Office to be copied.



If the sending high school has an Act 80 Day (In-service) - do students still need to attend CCCTC?


Yes, CCCTC is still in session and students are required to attend. If they do not attend CCCTC, they are required to have a valid excuse for their absence.

For more details on CCCTC Attendance Policies click here for an excerpt taken from pages 4 - 5 of the Student Info Handbook.



For any unanswered questions, please contact Stacey Sprong, Attendance, at  724-6024, ext. 222.



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