3 YEAR Program

The Program


This NATEF certified course provides instruction in the diagnosis, repair and adjustment of problems related to gasoline powered motor vehicles.


The Automotive Technician must determine what tools and parts are necessary to repair the car, estimate the cost of repair, and discuss the entire situation with the customer before finally making the appropriate repairs.


An Automotive Technician should:


- Possess strong reading comprehension

- Think logically

- Be capable of working in awkward and cramped conditions

- Understand and apply basic mechanical principles

-No allergic reaction to various types of solutions,

   chemicals and noise

- Have an average aptitude in verbal & abstract reasoning,

   math & numerical ability, mechanical reasoning & spacial


- Automotive Transmissions & Transaxles

- Hydraulic I Anti-lock brake systems

- Electrical systems

- Fuel systems

- Cooling systems

- Exhaust

- Tune-up

- Four wheel alignment

- Steering & Suspension Systems

- Manual Transmissions, Clutches & Transaxles

- Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

- Engine Repair

- Engine Performance


Job opportunities in Automotive Technology are expected to be plentiful for persons who complete training programs at community colleges and technical schools. Careers in auto technology afford the opportunity for good pay and satisfaction of skilled work with one's hands. Most persons who enter the occupation may find work because the changes in economic conditions have little effect on the automotive repair business.


Instructional sequence & POS

NATEF Student Certification

Pennsylvania Skills Certificate

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