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Cooperative Education (Co-op) is a method of training

whereby the student combines classroom instruction with on-the-job training in a career area of his/her choice. It is a unique plan of education designed to integrate classroom study with planned, supervised, practical work experience. "Learning by doing" is the key to Cooperative Education. The program helps students relate schoolwork to actual "real world" employment.


Types of Cooperative Education Capstone-


This program serves Career & Technical Center students by providing supervised on-the-job training at selected work sites throughout the area. With the instructor's recommendation, students may be placed in jobs to extend the training they have received at the Career & Technical Center. The job must be related to their current career training and in addition to employment students attend weekly Co-op related instruction at the Career & Technical Center.


Diversified Occupations (DO)-


This program is for seniors interested in on-the-job training in areas that are unavailable for study at CCCTC. If a given training area is not represented, or if the program is over-enrolled at the CTC, seniors may work with their sending school guidance counselor and the CTC Co-Op Coordinator to  arrange an on-the-job training experience in a local workplace.

Qualified seniors attend their home school for half of the day to complete academic requirements for graduation and spend the other half of the day on the job. Employer supervise and train the student and periodically evaluate the student's performance. Credit toward graduation is granted for this supervised work experience and grades are assigned based on the employer's evaluation and the student's performance in regularly scheduled Co-op classes at the Career & Technical Center. The job site is considered an extension of the school. Students must work during hours when they would normally be in school. Students must maintain acceptable grades at their home school and provide their own transportation to the worksite. Prior to placement, a conference will be held with the student.


Upon graduation, the student is equipped with the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for productive employment. Many of the Co-op students continue to work for the same employers after graduation, which indicates that both the students and employers benefit from the training.

Instructional sequence & POS

Mrs. Bonnie Stein had taught Cosmetology at the Crawford County Career and Technical Center since 2002 prior to assuming her role as Cooperative Education instructor. Before teaching at CCCTC, she taught one and a half years at Mercer County Career Center. She is a graduate of the Crawford County Area Vocational Technical School Cosmetology department and Maplewood High School, and has been a stylist for twenty-eight years.


Before becoming a teacher, Mrs. Stein was a hairdresser at The Hair Company in Meadville for seventeen years and was one of the top stylists on staff. She received her Vocational I and II Instructor Teaching Certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education through Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Mrs. Stein continues her education through Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania Skills Certificate


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