2 YEAR Program

The Program


Electrical equipment is increasingly important in our high-tech society. There are numerous opportunities for individuals who would like to enter the electrical field. Electrical equipment technicians install, maintain, and repair the equipment found in factories, business offices, hospitals, schools, stores, and homes. The Electrical Occupations course will provide an opportunity for students to obtain an understanding of the many careers that involve electricity and electrical theory.

An applicant should:


- Be able to distinguish colors

- Have an interest in scientific development

- Have good manual dexterity

- Be able to work in awkward or cramped positions

- Have an average ability in reading

- Have a math background in Algebra (preferred)

- Have an average aptitude in numerical ability, abstract

   reasoning, and mechanical reasoning



- AC Principals & Applications

- DC Principals & Applications

- National Electrical Code requirements

- Test meters

- Residential wiring

- Commercial wiring

- Industrial wiring

- Motor controls

- TV cable installation repair

- Phone installation and repair

There are a variety of opportunities available for individuals who complete this course and even greater potential for those who continue their studies in the electrical field or pursue an advanced degree.

Instructional sequence & POS

Mr. Bill Chernicky has been the Electrical Occupations Instructor at the Crawford County Career and Technical Center since 2017.


Prior to teaching at the CCCTC Mr. Chernicky held positions at Chernicky Electric, R.E. Johnson Electric, and Lathrop Electric Incorporated, specializing in new and old work residential, commercial and industrial electric construction. While working in the field Mr. Chernicky obtained his Journeyman Electrician License from the Independent Electrical Contractors of North Western Pennsylvania.


Mr. Chernicky is a graduate of the Crawford County Career and Technical School, Electrical Occupations Department, and of Cambridge Springs Jr/Sr High School. He is currently working towards his vocational certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education through Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


The electrical field requires various electricians to possess electrical certification; this could require stringent on-the-job training with numerous basic college classes required. Many state, and local governments require electricians to have or maintain required electrical certification.



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