3 YEAR Program

The Program


Trained personnel in the Electronics Industry design, develop, fabricate, install and service electronic equipment. The classroom, along with related laboratory experiences, form a trained foundation for personnel in Electronics. Electronic personnel usually specialize in one type of equipment or one area of industry. Some of these specialties are: Radio and TV broadcasting, aviation navigation & instrumentation, telephone equipment, medical monitoring and measurement, industrial process control & automation, communications equipment, computers and radar.

An applicant must:

Be able to distinguish colors


An electronic technician should:

- Have successfully completed Algebra 1

- Have an aptitude in mathematics, science and mechanics

- Have the ability to do detail work with a high degree of


- Have the ability to use descriptive language

- Have logical reasoning & high problem solving abilities

- Have an average aptitude in verbal & abstract reasoning,

   spelling, and language skills



- AC & DC circuits

- Resonance

- Transformers

- Solid state theory

- Oscillators

- Amplifiers

- Receivers & transmitters

- Digital logic

- Microprocessors

- Timing circuits

- Computer circuits

- Robotics

- Power Supplies

- Counting Circuits

Employment of electronic technicians and engineers is expected to increase for all occupations in the coming years due to electrical and electronics engineers and technicians versatility in developing and applying emerging technologies.

Instructional sequence & POS

Mr. Rob Kightlinger has been in the field of electronics for over thirty years, specializing in the repair of consumer electronics for over twenty-five years. He and his wife have owned and operated North End Service since 1999. Mr. Kightlinger has held positions with the former WEOZ radio, and Joseph B. Dahlkepmer Co. He has served as the audio recording engineer and technician with the Allegheny Jazz Society and as an audio effects engineer and special effects designer with Meadville Community Theatre.


Mr. Kightlinger is a graduate of the former Crawford County Area Vocational Technical School Electronic Technology Department and of Meadville Area Senior High School. He is currently working towards his vocational certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education through Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


Student and Associate certifications are obtained from Electronics Technicians Association, which an internationally recognized organization.


Erie Institute of Technology offers graduates a better of tests, if passed, result in a reduction of tuition in the areas that the school deems the enrolling student competent.


Pennsylvania Skills Certificate



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