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Financial Aid Information Upon acceptance into the program, students are instructed to complete a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The application is completed on-line at An electronic signature is utilized. A paper FAFSA is available for printing from the website. After the submission of the FAFSA, the student should receive an email telling him/her how to go online to access the student aid report (SAR). If the student didn’t provide a valid email then the SAR will arrive in the mail. The SAR reports the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) which is utilized to determine the student’s financial need for aid. Students are instructed to review the SAR for accuracy and to report any need for correction to the Financial Aid Officer (FAO) at the school.. The Central Processing System (CPS) will select students for verification of data. Those students selected will receive an asterisk * next to the EFC number on the SAR. In addition, the Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR), which is available electronically to the school, will have an asterisk indicating the need for verification of data. The Financial Aid Officer will verify all of the selected student’s SAR information, utilizing the Verification Policy guidelines. IRS retrieved information will be accepted as verified, except for number in household and number in college, if no changes have been made to the SAR. No financial aid is awarded until the verification process is complete and all needed corrections are made. The Pell award is calculated based on the student’s EFC number and the Cost of Attendance (COA) for the individual student. The COA is an estimate of the student’s educational expense for the period of enrollment. Included in the COA is: tuition & fees, books, supplies, transportation, room & board, dependent care expenses, disability-related expenses, loan fees and licensing fees. Expenses are determined by a survey distributed to students, in addition to data collected from the funding agencies. All expenses are prorated, based on period of attendance, i.e.; 900 hr., 600 hr., 500 hr. Once Pell award is calculated for each student, and the student’s COA is determined, the financial analysis is completed to determine the financial need. The financial need is basically: COA-EFC=Financial Need. An Individual Loan Plan is developed with the student to identify their loan needs. All other available financial aid is considered while determining the student’s loan needs. Eligibility for funding through local agencies is researched. A Master Promissory Note (loan application) is read, completed online and signed electronically. Next, Entrance Counseling is completed on-line. Once the MPN is signed, Entrance Counseling is completed, the loan certification process can take place. The FAO submits the certification electronically via the EdExpress/EDConnect system. The loans are certified for the amounts determined during the financial need analysis. Disbursement of Funds: Based on the EFC number on the ISIR, the FAO originates the Pell award disbursement via EDEXpress/EDConnect System. On the disbursement dates, a disbursement roster is accessed via the Data Link system and reviewed for accuracy. This disbursement roster is then attached to a request and sent to the Business Office. The Business Office staff checks the CPS to determine if the monies are available. Monies are electronically transferred to the school account and are immediately transferred to the PN tuition account. The individual Pell award amounts are then allocated to the student’s individual student account within 3 business days. Students receive receipts indicating the amount of Pell monies deposited in their account. The Business Office receives an annual report from the DOE indicating the amount of Pell disbursed to the school for the previous year. The student loans are disbursed electronically. A disbursement roster is accessed via the EDEXpress/EDConect system and sent to the Business Office with a request to transfer the monies to the PN program tuition account. The monies are then transferred into the students’ individual account within 3 business days. The student receives a Loan Disbursement form to review and sign. This is maintained in the financial aid file. Receipts are also distributed to the student indicating the loan amounts that were disbursed into their account. If a student is due a refund, a check from the student’s account is made to the student. A copy of this check is kept in the student’s file. Disbursement dates for both PELL and Direct Loans are set as follows: First payment period (900 hours). First installment is 30 calendar days after the student begins. Second installment is at 450 hours of the first payment period. Second payment period (600 hours) is first installment is first day of the payment period. Second installment is at 300 hours of the second payment period. SSCR: The Student Status Confirmation Record is maintained by the FAO via the web site. It is updated every 60 days. See SSCR manual. Withdrawal/Termination/Graduation: The FAO conducts an exit interview or the student completes an online exit interview, to inform the student of loan repayment responsibilities and default consequences. If no interview is possible, exit counseling information is sent via certified mail, to the student. A copy of this notice is maintained in the student’s file. Upon updating the SSCR, the student is identified with the appropriate code indicating withdrawal/graduation. All Title IV refunds are made according to regulations/policy. *IMPORTANT* Financial Aid Links (Click Below): For Financial Aide information, call CCCTC Practical Nursing Program (814-724-6028). Ask for the Financial Aid Officer.