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A  93 - 100%   Excellent

B  85 - 92%      Above Average

C 74 - 84%     Average

D  65 - 73%      Poor

F  Below 64     Failing

I Incomplete

Grading Scale


The following values are assigned to grades issued by the instructor each nine weeks:





Q1 (8/31/2022 - 11/4/2022)


Q2 (11/7/2022 - 1/24/2023)


Q3 (1/25/2023 - 3/30/2023)


Q4 (3/31/2023 - 6/8/2023)


Any incomplete grade not made up after ten days or by the end of the school year will become an "F" unless extenuating circumstances dictate otherwise.


Students performing below a "C" average are considered as making unsatisfactory progress. Any students who receives a final grade of "F" for the year will not continue in that training area.

The Crawford County Career and Technical Center (CCCTC) is jointly owned by the Conneaut, Crawford Central, and PENNCREST School Districts.  The CCCTC is an additional Secondary education instructional site within these districts.  The approved grading scales at the three districts are not the same.  Where they are different from the CCCTC scale, a conversion is done for transcript grades and class ranking at the sending high schools to a comparable letter grade (i.e. a B- on the CCCTC scale is converted to a B- on the district scale).

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