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The Future of the LPN


✪ In Pennsylvania,There is a projected 20.3% increased need for LPNs through 2022,that is 1,620 annual job openings, [Projections central].


✪ Pennsylvania will be short at least 2000 LPNs by 2025,

[The future of the nursing workforce: National & state level projections, 2012 to 2025, Department of Health & Human Services]


✪ The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that "Employment of licensed licensed practical and licenced vocational nurses is projected to grow 16% from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations."


The employment rate for the graduates of our program is  100%


Consider these findings:


Over the next six years, Pennsylvania is likely to face an ever-growing gap between the LPN positions and the supply of LPNs to fill these positions.


Job growth is occurring throughout all of the healthcare settings but especially in nursing care facilities, community care facilities, and home health services.


Job growth is driven by the aging populace and the escalating average age of the LPN workforce.


Given the uneven distribution of the elderly population and long-term care facilities around the commonwealth, some areas will experience more of a shortage than others.


Pennsylvania's nursing shortage is not unique. National studies reveal that almost every state is facing similar challenges.

What is driving the shortage?


The healthcare needs of an increasingly elderly population and the general increase in demand for healthcare services.


An inadequate supply of new entries to meet current and future demand is another driving factor.


The stated intention of thousands of LPNs to leave the nursing profession, either because of retirement or for other reasons.


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