Resources for adults interested in a career in Nursing

Tuition and Fees

1500 Hours/12 Month Program


Tuition and Fees - 2021-2022


In-State Tuition - $16,535

Out-of-State Tuition - $18,335

Program Fees: $670


The CCCTC-PN Program has adopted a refund policy, which is in keeping with the requirements of the Federal Title IV Refund guidelines. Click to view the Refund Policy.


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CCCTC-PN Program Required Book List - 2018-2019 Class

All costs are estimated.



Foundations and Adult Health Nursing, 8th edition, EAL/EAQ only

ISBN 9780323484374

$140.00 List

$117.75 Cost


Adaptive Quizzing for Foundations & Adult Health Nursing Web Base, 8th Edition

ISBN 9780323697992

$89.00 List

$66.75 Cost



Visovsky's Introduction To Clinical Pharmacology,  10th Edition

ISBN 9780323529112

$79.99 List

$61.50 Cost


Understanding Anatomy & Physiology, 3rd Edition

ISBN 9780803676459

$99.95 List

$69.95 Cost


Gulanick & Myers Nursing Care Plan, 10th Edition

ISBN 9780323711180

$63.64 List

$50.24 Cost



Nursing 2022 Drug Handbook

ISBN 9781975158880

$52.99 List

$37.10 Cost


Think Like A Nurse: A Handbook  by Linda Caputi

ISBN: 9781941478905   2020 Edition

$59.99 List

$45.99 Cost




Timby Lippincott's Review for NCLEX-PN,  11th Edition

ISBN 9781496324696

$52.99 List

$42.39 Cost


Mosby's Dictionary for Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions, 10th Edition

ISBN 97803232222051

$44.95 List

$33.71 Cost


Study Guide for Foundations & Adult Health Nursing

ISBN 9780323524599

$44.76 Cost


Workbook to Understanding Anatomy & Physiology

ISBN 9780803676466

$33.97 Cost




Uniforms: $140 - To order uniforms, click on the following link:


Additional Material Required: $690.00 (estimated)


Access to computer with Internet access,

camera and microphone required.


Licensing Fees

Post-Graduation Temporary Practice Permit: $70

NCLEX: $200

License: $95