January 2023

Enrollment Process

A review of the Crawford Tech annual enrollment process at Crawford Tech.

Enrollment starts at the beginning of a student’s 9th grade year. Through orientations, tours, and work sessions students are able to dive into what Crawford Tech has to offer to make the best choice in their future planning. For more information, contact Student Services.

September – Sending School Presentations: Orientations are given at each of the participating sending schools to familiarize students with the program choices and admissions process at Crawford Tech.

October – Crawford Tech Tour: All 9th grade students tour the current programs at Crawford Tech. Immediately following tours – all interested 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students submit applications, signed by their parent/guardian. Applications can be submitted online or a physical copy can be submitted to their high school counselor. The sending school furnishes additional information, including past academic records, performance in any prerequisite courses for particular programs, and attendance records.

November – Open House: All interested students are encouraged to attend Crawford Tech’s Open House event. This allows for students and parents to meet program instructors and ask questions prior to making program choices on their application.

December – Student Interview: Each applicant is interviewed by the Crawford Tech Counselor or Special Populations Coordinator. The interview encourages students to review their program choices and connect them to current and past experiences, as well as future post-secondary goals.

January/February – Work Sessions: Each applicant spends the day at Crawford Tech in a work session in the program(s) of their choice. This permits each student to get ‘hands-on’ experience and to be evaluated by the instructor in the area(s) in which he/she might be interested.

Spring – Acceptance: The number of openings for each program is determined and selections are made on an equal-opportunity basis until all openings are filled. Each student will receive an acceptance or wait-list notice in the mail. Notices must be reviewed and signed by the student as well as their parent/guardian and then submitted to the school.

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