John Brown

Drafting and Design

Ext. 227

Who is Mr. Brown?: Mr. Brown has been the Drafting and Design teacher since 2011. Prior to teaching he worked in the drafting field for over 20 years perfecting his skills. He is a graduate of the former Crawford County AVTS Drafting program. He has been trained in areas including cutting tools, automated machinery, plastic injection molding, and diecast molding. He is well versed with traditional drafting on a drawing board as well as 2D computer aided drafting and 3D solid modeling.

Favorite Part of Teaching: Mr. Brown’s favorite part of teaching is being able to see the transition of new students as they progress through the program and become able to take on projects independently using their skills.

Outside of School: When Mr. Brown is not teaching, he dabbles in many different hobbies. A few of his favorites include: online gaming, hobby electronics, woodworking, motorcycle riding, and model rockets.